I will rig your 2d character for facerig

I will rig your 2d character for facerig


To make the character of your choice talk like you which mean you can be any character you want!

You can use them to be a mascot for your youtube channel or role play have fun with your online friends






  • Any type of a character price is up to the detail.
  • I will post and publish on a page and site to promote my work if you want to keep it personal or do not want me to post your commission please let me know

You’ll get:

  • A folder with  the files(cfg/moc3/json/texture file etc.) you only put them in the right folder and ready to use.
  • I can teach you how to use if you never ever heard of this program before.



rig …$400~$700

Basic…Only small movement your avatar can do and only for half body

Premium…Character movement look more natural and smooth and only



Hijiri@ryuga0u0 【half body$100/Full body$120】


Moy。@M0oy_【half body$300/Full body$350】

A2加工 2

Hatimitumonte@__tofu__【half body$200/Full body$250】


KumaTugawa@mtktbox【half body$300/Full body$400】


SibaAoi @SIVAaoi7【half body$200/Full body$300】


▼momotoma@MOMOmop_6927【half body$100/Full body$150】2020年にじコン7_人魚モデル(見本_人間).png

enoniwa@enoniwa 【$50】


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